Breakfast & Dining
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Country Breakfast
Learn what country cooking is all about! The Harrell House Bed and Breakfast has many amazing breakfasts for our guests, and we can often accommodate your special requests.

Looking for Places to Eat?
For lunch and dinner, check out the many local eateries and restaurants listed below. You’ll have lunch and dinner “on the town,” and there are lots of places to choose from, including both familiar chains and unique local spots steeped in Southern tradition and charm. Here are some suggestions to get you started. These are either spots we’ve enjoyed ourselves or places the locals have recommended. Enjoy!

  • Alley Cats in Burgaw: Sandwich Shop next to an alley off courthouse Square. Friends tell me they enjoy this laid-back place.
  • Bandana’s in Burgaw features a varied menu with lots of Italian. They offered to cook almost anything we wanted for us! The wife was our hostess, and the husband was the chef when we went.
  • Chinese Buffet in Burgaw: We were quite surprised at the typical Chinese dishes here. It’s quick, as you serve yourself, and quite economical.
  • Country Kitchen in Wallace: This is a real Southern eatery. Very tasty and quite local.
  • Duplin Wine Cellars, north of Wallace specializes in Sweet Wines from local grapes. The Bistro and Dinner Theater can entertain you for several evenings.
  • Hibachi Grill in Wallace: Asian-style cuisine, with good reviews by our friends.
  • Mad Boar in Wallace: High-end restaurant that serves the exclusive gated community of River Landing, but is also open to the public. You will be amused by some of the plate names, and they are quite good! So is the salad bar.
  • Pizza Corner in Wallace: Great italian plates and a variety of other dishes. A favorite among the locals.
  • Pizza Hut in North Wallace: The same Pizza Hut you have grown to love.
  • Western Sizzling Steak House in Wallace: I’m a vegetarian, but the buffet has lots to eat besides steaks.

You’ll find tons of other places! Let us know if you find a great place to eat, and we’ll add it to our directory!