Ivory Room
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The Ivory Room is where my husband Don Crane and I sleep, so we don’t usually offer it to guests.  It can be pressed into service in the special case of a large party that fills all the other rooms and still needs one more.  It has a Queen-size Craftmatic bed.  This is the only room that does not have its own private bath — it shares the tub/shower bathroom with the sitting room — and that’s why we rent it only when one party has taken the whole house.

The Ivory Room is next to the kitchen, and it used to be Grandma’s dining room. She only used it for important meals, because mostly we ate in the large country kitchen. But the room had other uses. Minnie kept chickens and sold the eggs to travelers passing by on the highway that’s now US 117. Since this was the coolest room in the house, it was the place to store the big crates that held the eggs waiting to be sold. The dining room table held a large crystal bowl containing the “egg money” coins.  Later when my brother Neil and I were teenagers, we took turns having this room as a bedroom.

Single or Double Occupancy:  $125/night


You can make your reservation by calling
Diane Crane at 410-707-7071.
We accept Visa and Master Card.

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